Monday, October 14, 2013

The SEO Behind The Balloon Entertainer

I was told by an SEO guru that you should blog to help improve page ranking, so I started blogging.

I was told by another SEO guru that just blogging in one location doesn't help you,  you need to be all over the Internet.

So I  blogged, and blogged, until I couldn't blog any more.

The SEO guru's are right, blogging is one part of the equation,  they neglected to tell that thousands of other people are doing the same thing.  It comes down to longevity, and  the willingness to keep at it no, matter what.

Some guru's say, keywords are critical, others say it is readership, but all agree if people don't share your articles it's all for nothing.

The SEO guru's are all about ranking and what they forget is, blogging is a connection between you and the reader. A connection that can change lives.

I may never know if my blog posts will change a person's life but, maybe one has, and if it hasn't, please don't give up on me.  It could be something as simple as you're following the wrong blog.

Blogs I write.

Dale's Balloon Animal Blog - Deals with all thing balloon entertainment related.

Balloon Entertainment - Blog with no real direction, just me blogging about entertainment stuff.

1st Birthday Party - It's all about that special birthday, you know the first one.

Restaurant Entertainment - What to know what I know about restaurant entertainment, all of it here.

Trade Show Entertainment - Tips and trick for vendor who want to be successful at a trade show.

GrandOpeningHelp - All the cool stuff I've learned entertaining at grand openings available in on spot.

UnderstandingYourImage - Things I learned being a professional entertainer and how it transfers in to the business world.

Please feel free to leave me a note, just to let me know that you've read what I wrote.

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