Sunday, October 27, 2013


As the moon rises, illuminating the nights sky, we slowly drift closer to all Hallows Eve. 

This is the time when the spooky and undead walk among the living, that is what the horror movies want us to believe.

So it is this time of year when the cute and pretty balloon designs disappear.  What is left behind are ghoulish, creepy, flesh eating designs, the ones I like to call a Zombie Halloween.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Standing Out in a Crowd

I can always spot an art student on their way to the Chicago Art Institute. Their clothing, hair, and attitude is unique as they walk down Columbus Drive.

I think people can do the same with me and my style of entertaining.   It's not my clothing or hair, but more my attitude and energy that I bring.

This has been my style, high energy, mile-a-minute talking, quick witted humor that I bring to every event.  My style and balloons twisting is unique, which like the girl in the picture, makes me stand out from the crowd.

Monday, October 14, 2013

The SEO Behind The Balloon Entertainer

I was told by an SEO guru that you should blog to help improve page ranking, so I started blogging.

I was told by another SEO guru that just blogging in one location doesn't help you,  you need to be all over the Internet.

So I  blogged, and blogged, until I couldn't blog any more.

The SEO guru's are right, blogging is one part of the equation,  they neglected to tell that thousands of other people are doing the same thing.  It comes down to longevity, and  the willingness to keep at it no, matter what.

Some guru's say, keywords are critical, others say it is readership, but all agree if people don't share your articles it's all for nothing.

The SEO guru's are all about ranking and what they forget is, blogging is a connection between you and the reader. A connection that can change lives.

I may never know if my blog posts will change a person's life but, maybe one has, and if it hasn't, please don't give up on me.  It could be something as simple as you're following the wrong blog.

Blogs I write.

Dale's Balloon Animal Blog - Deals with all thing balloon entertainment related.

Balloon Entertainment - Blog with no real direction, just me blogging about entertainment stuff.

1st Birthday Party - It's all about that special birthday, you know the first one.

Restaurant Entertainment - What to know what I know about restaurant entertainment, all of it here.

Trade Show Entertainment - Tips and trick for vendor who want to be successful at a trade show.

GrandOpeningHelp - All the cool stuff I've learned entertaining at grand openings available in on spot.

UnderstandingYourImage - Things I learned being a professional entertainer and how it transfers in to the business world.

Please feel free to leave me a note, just to let me know that you've read what I wrote.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Pros and Cons of having a Balloon Entertainer for a Husband.

I have several ideas/views on this subject.  I am on the line sometimes.  However, let’s start out with the


  1. He is home during the week.   Unlike many of my friends, my husband works from home and only on the weekends.  Therefore, instead of us doing all of our fun stuff during the weekend we get to spread it over the week.  The older child does his homework and we get our coats on and go.
  2. I get to work at home.  I quit my job several years ago and I now work at home trying to promote him and work on stuff with him.


  1. He is home during the week.  No just kidding…
  2. I have to do stuff on the weekends by myself.  The weekend is usually the time that families get to do things together.  Most events happen on weekends.  Special celebrations with family, like birthday parties for cousins.  No matter which side of the family is hosting the event, I go.  If I did not go to anything with just the kids, I would NEVER see anyone.  Family understands that he is working.  He sneaks in visits with family in between, or before, or after shows.  I have learned that if I want to do something, I just have to go and do it.  It was hard in the beginning, but I think I am getting the hang of it.
I know it can be difficult.  Some people might not get it but they are not in my shoes.  My husband is a great father and a wonderful man.

The kids understand that Daddy works on weekends and that we do as much as we can on weekdays.  They like that he is there when they get home from school.  Our family is just a little different from yours.  I would not have it any other way. (Ok, well, maybe sometimes. Hahaha)

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